About us

Young Educators Foundation, Africa.

Functional Education

We strive to bridge the gap between schools and reality and augment for a functional approach to education in Africa.

Better Skills

Our programmes teaches students functional intangible skills that are applicable in real world situations.


Our programmes are designed to light up the imagination of African youths , they directly engage the creative faculty.

Academic Excellence

Averagely , students who have participated, actively or passively ( as part of an audience) in our programmes are found to perform better academically and socially.

Who we are..

Young Educators Foundation (YEF) is an international NGO whose vision is to improve the lives of our youth through literacy, as well as champion the cause of education. We strongly believe that education cannot be limited to only what is taught in the classroom; co-curricular activities must be included in the curriculum.

YEF believes in children’s right to quality education, and that education is not limited to only what is taught in the classroom. For nearly eight years, we have been at the forefront of helping to stem the tide of falling standards of the English language through literacy, as well as making a case for education being a priority..

Current we are in 3 African countries namely: Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, and counting.

Watch Afua Ansah (2016 Ghana Spelling Bee Champion) represent and make Ghana / Africa proud at the 89th Edition of the Scripps Spelling Bee Competition in Washington DC, USA.

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