The Young Debaters

The Young Debaters

Young Educators Foundation, an international NGO that promotes literacy in Africa, was commissioned by the English Speaking Union (ESU) in 2014 to run the International Debating Competition in Africa, kick-starting in Ghana. The competition is locally known as The Young Debaters (TYD).

The Young Debaters is a public speaking competition which is the local version of the International Public Speaking Competition (IPSC). The English-Speaking Union (a charity registered in the UK) promotes international understanding through the use of English throughout the world.

The Young Debaters encourages students to think rigorously and critically, whilst promoting problem-solving and innovative thinking. It also gives young people practical experience in the fundamental skills of public speaking.

Frequently asked questions

How to enrol
Rules of the Competition.
The Competition

Before starting, speakers balloted for their positions.  Each Speaker has 5 minutes* to give their prepared speech.  Following their speeches, the Speakers will answer questions from the Judges.  

The Top 10 Finalists will each choose an impromptu topic and be given 15 minutes to prepare.  Each Speaker then has two minutes to deliver their speech.  Judges will then select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Speakers solely based on their impromptu speech.

Judges allocate marks according to the following criteria:

Prepared Speeches

Expression and Delivery (Delivery, posture, eye contact and use of gesture)

Reasoning and Evidence (Clarity, focus, development, exposition, knowledge of subject and balance)

Organisation and Prioritisation (Structure, creativity, timing)

Listening and Response (Ability to understand and answer questions)

Impromptu Speeches

Expression and Delivery

Reasoning and Analysis

Organisation and Prioritization