Spelling Bee, Africa


  • ☑ The idea to organize the African version of the Spelling Bee competition stems from the literacy promotion and cultural integration vision of Young Educators Foundation.

  • ☑ At YEF, we believe its time that Africa takes her destiny in her hands by building bridges through friendship amongst citizens of countries on the continent.

  • ☑ We want to encourage the friendship amongst the children that will improve knowledge and understanding of our different cultures on the continent

  • ☑ We believe this will promote a more united continent through quality friendship developed during this competition.

    Mechanics of The Spelling Bee Africa

    • ✔ Top 10 finalist from each participating country will be camped for a week in Ghana

    • ✔ Each Speller will pick a ballot on arrival, which will position such in a designated group

    • ✔ The Spelling Bee Africa will have Spellers competing within a group

    • ✔ The group is to encourage bonding and building relationship because members of a group could be from any country

    • ✔ A group will emerge as Winner!


      ♛ Scholarship funds for all members of the winning group

      ♛ A week trip to Namibia for all members of the winning group